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Dear Visitor:


The paintings and essays which you are about to see are in some ways an invitation to a personal adventure, quite separate from the one which I lived through when I created them. No doubt you will want to know something about my intentions in all this. They are very simple: my purpose is to create beauty, in a humble way, for men and women of good will, and that's it.

Since the time of my first exhibitions on Internet, in 1995, I have noticed that we now have a whole new way of living our art, compared to the traditional type gallery or museum shows. Firstly, I give neither titles nor sizes for my canvasses so that you can be free to really make them your own, with sizes varying from a postage stamp to that of a whole universe. Secondly, and for my abstract art only, you can rotate them as you wish by clicking the image, so that they make the most sense to you. You'll probably find several different angles depending on your frame of mind.

Added to this, if you take the time to download the full-sized image and examine the details on the screen, by enlarging them with your viewing software, you will be charmed to discover an infinity of luminous, transparent coloured universes, tying in with the ideas I conjure with in my essays on the harmonious relations between this artistic creation and our cosmos. Some people have chosen to reinterpret them in their own way, and so begun their own personal creative acts.

Others, happier with writing, have held writing workshops, inviting me to join in so that we have been able to exchange our impressions and write them down as a kind of testimony. In my absence, my writings provide the answers to practically all questions concerning my philosophy of creation, and in particular, its relationship to science.


I hope you will like what you see. My final wish would be that my canvasses should never be sold, that's why I have tried all my life, without succeeding, to donate the whole of my work to International Foundations, as listed in my Systematic catalogue which you can consult by clicking here:

01-62 (figurative art)   63-100   101-150   151-200   201-250   251-300   301-350   351-400   401-450   451-500   501-550   551-600   601-650   Addendum.

This project, which is purely philanthropic and not-for-profit, therefore basically consists of ensuring that my work lives on after me, so that it should be common knowledge that none of my canvasses are for sale, that they belong to everyone and no-one in particular. Placed as they are, between art, science and spirituality they may interest the world of education and encourage young people to seek new paths in the human development spirit. So please, no money, no fame, just a pure, simple and honest human relationship, through art?


And now, for those with a bent for spirituality, art and science:

After studying religions, after discovering Bell's theorem in quantum physics, according to which any reality can only be "non-local", I was convinced that we were connected with the whole universe, with which we interacted. Beauty is the end in itself of the artist's activity. It is also one of the choice criteria for a scientific theory, the means by which the scientist will support the advancement of humankind. Consequently, beauty would appear to be the simmetry axis betwen art and science, both the means and the end, the supreme criterion, hence, for Man, in his participation to beauty, the reason for being of our universe. Why? Isn't the universe itself a model of beauty? Then why go against such a model?

The Papers

I describe more in depth my philosophy of creation in another site, in various papers, one of which for a conference at the European Academy for Arts, Sciences and the Humanities, and two of which were published by Leonardo, an Art and Science Journal of the MIT Press. Please click here.

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